New Brunswick's Progressive Conservatives have broken an election promise to have a review of auto insurance under way by the end of 2010.


Premier David Alward did not keep two of the 10 promises in an election campaign checklist that were to be completed by the end of 2010.

During this year's campaign, Premier David Alward promised to initiate a review of the province's $2,500 cap on insurance awards for those who suffer minor injuries in automobile accidents.

On Nov. 4, the date it promised that would happen, the government issued a news release saying it would set up a working group to look into the issue.

The promise was part of the Conservatives "10 in '10" platform — 10 promises they would accomplish before the end of the year — but as of Wednesday the working group has no chairman, members, budgets or terms of reference.

It's the second promise on the list they haven't kept. The other was a promised freeze on property taxes for seniors. Earlier this month, the government instead put forward a bill that sets up a process to study the proposal.

Conservatives said no one was available to comment on what's gone wrong with its auto insurance promise, but that the task force would be in place some time early next year.