PASCAN Aviation

PASCAN Aviation Inc. is cancelling its flights in and out of Moncton on Dec. 13 after promised sales didn't materialize.

Quebec's PASCAN Aviation Inc. is abandoning its routes connecting Moncton with St. John's and Quebec City barely three months after they took flight.

PASCAN started the flights out of Moncton on Oct. 10, but both routes are being cancelled due to low sales, effective Dec. 13.

Brenda Libby says cancelling the flight was a necessary decision as planes were taking off less than 30 per cent full.

"If we don't do well for two months and we've taken a half a million dollars loss, that affects a company of our size," she said.

Libby says commitments from local businesses in both New Brunswick and Newfoundland to use PASCAN's flights didn't materialize.

She said the company had high expectations of success after talking to business groups in both Moncton and St. John's, but the groups didn't live up to their promises.

"If we hadn't been so convinced that 'It's no problem, my organization alone can fill your plane' – if we hadn't heard that so much and we weren't convinced on that, we wouldn't have invested," she said.

PASCAN couldn't compete with cheaper fares offered for departures out of Halifax.

"It's going to take some good, hard commitments on paper . . . before we go back," said Libby.

Libby says anyone with seats booked on the routes after Dec. 13 will get a refund.