Parties pledge jobs through roads, education, ports and food

The job creation plans for four of New Brunswick's political parties are as varied as their politics, ranging from infrastructure investments and better education, to port growth and local food.

Liberals say investing $900M in infrastructure over 6 years would create 10,000 jobs

Liberal Leader Brian Gallant is promising to create more than 10,000 jobs over six years by spending $900 million on roads, bridges and other infrastructure.

The Liberals say spending $150 million per year on infrastructure for six years would create and sustain 1,702 full-time jobs per year.
Gallant says a study done for the Liberals by Jupia Consultants found spending $150 million a year would generate more than $13 million in tax revenues for the province each year.

But NDP Leader Dominic Cardy was quick to condemn the proposal, calling it old-fashioned electioneering that will do nothing to ease New Brunswick's economic problems.

"It is hard to even express how appalling the Liberal announcement is. This is not the 1930s. We have got to move beyond the idea that every job in New Brunswick is a government job bought with tax dollars that we increasingly don't have because no one is making any money," said Cardy.

"It doesn't make any sense. We have got to focus on giving skills to workers so they can get higher paid jobs. Not having these ridiculous election period announcements."

The Progressive Conservatives say they would work on a strategy in consultation with ports, aimed at boosting the number of jobs in the shipping industry.

They say every million dollars of export sales creates or sustains six full-time jobs in New Brunswick.

"Our plan for driving growth through our ports will add jobs in our communities and bring our people home," David Alward said in a statement.

Green Leader David Coon released his party's job creation plan, saying investments should be made in businesses that support local food, energy efficiency and sustainable uses of forest and marine resources.