Parking fee sparks spat between Kingston market, neighbour

A fight over parking at the Kingston Farmers Market has one family crying foul.

Kingston Peninsula market says paid parking creates liability issue and plans to block access from lot

A fight over a parking at the Kingston Farmers Market on Route 845, close to the Gondola Point Ferry has one family crying foul.

The Loves had long allowed people to park for free on their neighbouring land when the market's lots became full.

Dave and Darlene Love are upset about receiving a registered letter from the Kingston Farmers Market informing them the market will block access from their planned parking lot. (Neville Crabbe / CBC)
But this year the family decided to start charging $2 for parking, causing a rift between neighbours.

The market operates on Saturdays with 70 vendors and cars by the hundreds through the course of the day.

The Loves live next door and own the land surrounding the market. They have a history of helping with the market's operation.

In March Darlene Love informed the board the family would start charging $2 for parking.

"I believe that notice was received by them with ill will and it's been that way ever since," she said.

The gate between the Loves' land and the property belonging to the Kingston Farmers Market. (Neville Crabbe / CBC)
The board decided paid parking created a liability issue for the market and sent the Loves a registered letter in May, stating the market would no longer allow access from the Love's land.

Love calls that action "heavy and hurtful."

But market president Allen Davis says it was necessary to ensure the letter arrived on time and to prevent a conflict.

Davis says the two sides can coexist.

"The board has no problems with the Loves. Honestly, we wish them all the best," said Davis.

However, Dave Love says the market needs to reach out. He was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and wants the parking fees to provide a small source of needed cash.

"Amends can and should be made, but an olive branch has not been extended," said Dave Love.

The Loves have started work to improve the parking lot. At the same time, the market is preparing to ditch near the property line.