The Saint John Track Club will be hosting a para-track clinic next weekend to generate interest in a program that helps people with disabilities to get active and remain active. 

Run, Jump, Throw, Wheel is a grassroots foundational program from Athletics Canada that teaches the basic skills of running, jumping, throwing and wheeling for anyone with a physical disability. 

Alex Holder, the program director with Athletics New Brunswick, says he works to make the first contact through clinics and schools to enhance physical literacy and fundamental movement skills.

"We just want to provide this opportunity to individuals to participate in our sport and want to continue with it." 

Holder said athletes and coaches will be on hand to help and encourage those attending the Jan. 15 event.

"We group people off, depending on their abilities, and we basically let them try out all sorts of different events ... anything they would be interested in trying in the track and field realm."

Taking part 

Holder said after people try it and want to continue, they can take part in indoor and outdoor practices, depending on the season. 

"After they participate in the clinic and they want to join up they can definitely join up with a club," he said.

"If they're from this region, they can absolutely join up with the Saint John Track Club, if they're from another area, we have clubs all over the province that can accommodate anyone that's looking to try and further themselves in the sport — recreationally or high-performance."

Holder said they hope with strong interest in other sports, such as wheelchair basketball and curling, those who participate may want to try something new. 

"It's really one of those foundational sports that can be used to help out in everyday movement, as well as further someone's career or skills in another sport." 

Those interested in taking part in the clinic can register on the Athletics New Brunswick website

With files from Information Morning Saint John