An N.B. artist has a patent pending on a system he believes will help prevent moose/vehicle collisions.

A New Brunswick artist has an idea he believes will prevent motor vehicle collisions with moose and save lives.

Stephen Bauckman's invention — Vamoose Animal Alert System — is a series of painted lines that run down the highway like pinstripes across all lanes of traffic.

"You have a series of white, highly reflective lines painted on the highway that creates a contrast with the very dark silhouette of a moose, or a deer for that matter, so that you can suddenly see this animal," said Bauckman, who's based out of of Lower Cloverdale.

"This gives you some lead time," he added. "Lines that are on the highway now are illuminated by headlights, and if you're driving along on a dark night you can see the dotted lines for about a half a mile. This would be something that would just create the contrast."

Bauckman has a patent pending on the system and said the next step is to test it on a stretch of highway.

A spokesperson for the province's transportation department said its planning group would like to meet with Bauckman to discuss his idea. He said the department is always open to investigating new ways of preventing collisions.

Bauckman said he came up with the idea after hearing about the Moncton couple, Marie-Eve and Robin Rousselle, that died when their car hit a moose last fall. Only their young son, Dylan, survived.

"They were a young, alert couple," said Bauckman. "She was an airline pilot with awards and commendations. So, after hearing about such an overwhelming tragedy — this can happen to anybody —  I felt almost a sense of desperation to do something about this."