Coun. Daniel Bourgeois announced on Monday he will quit city politics in 2013. ((CBC))

Daniel Bourgeois is quitting city politics in Moncton because the outspoken city councillor says his style of speaking out on controversial issues is making it difficult for him to find a job.

Bourgeois was re-elected in Ward 3 during the 2012 election but he has been looking for full-time work since October.

He said on Monday night his role as a Moncton city councillor is hurting those chances.

Bourgeois said he lost the chance to become the new head of the local regional services commission, but he said he feels the Dieppe Mayor Yvon Lapierre didn't want a Moncton city councillor in that position.

Lapierre said he can't comment on Bourgeois’s statement because the decision on that position hasn't even been made public yet.

In another case, Bourgeois said an acquaintance refused to give him a letter of recommendation because of his stand on bilingualism.

Bourgeois said he needs work to feed his family so he's quitting as a city councillor.

His announcement on Monday night caught other councillors by surprise.

Coun. Brian Hicks, who also represents Ward 3 in the city, begged him to reconsider his plan to resign in the new year.

"We need you Coun. Bourgeois, we really need you the taxpayers of Moncton need you," he said.

Coun. René Landry also publicly called on Bourgeois to reconsider his plan to resign.

Bourgeois said he will leave in the new year. But in the meantime, he's no longer speaking publicly on controversial issues.

Bourgeois spoke out on contentious issues

Bourgeois has been an outspoken councillor for many years on various city issues.

Most recently, Bourgeois said he believes the proposed downtown sports and entertainment complex will cost $165 million, which is far more than the $100 million other city officials have estimated.

He also also spoke out in the past about overspending on projects such as museum upgrades.

After the 2012 election, he said a developer behind plans to move Moncton High School out to the Royal Oaks area of the city sent cheques to council candidates.

Bourgeois said in June that he refused the money, saying it was inappropriate for a developer to be sending money to politicians in the middle of a contentious issue.

Bourgeois had earlier called for stronger campaign finance laws during municipal elections.

The city councillor has also publicly demanded a better financial deal between Moncton and the federal and provincial governments for the annual mega-concerts. Bourgeois has stated in the past how previous concerts have lost money.

Moncton denied a CBC News request to disclose financial information surrounding the mega-concerts.