Oromocto Mall reopens after air quality problems

The Oromocto Mall has reopened after three people became sick on Tuesday.

3 people became sick on Tuesday after methane gas detected, health official says

The Oromocto Mall has reopened after three people became sick on Tuesday.

Methane gas was detected and recent flooding could be to blame, regional medical officer of health Dr. Na-Koshie Lamptey told CBC News on Wednesday.

Oromocto Mall will remain closed until tests indicate the air quality is satisfactory, says a health official. (Google Street View)
"It appears to be that there was some standing water in the basement of the mall that may have had some sewer gases released from the water. 
And that may have been the cause of what made people sick," she said.

The mall closed at about 10:45 a.m. on Wednesday. The ban was lifted around 5:30 p.m.

Mall management say they did not know whether the issue of standing sewage in the basement had been fixed, but the air quality no longer poses a threat to human health. 

Lamptey believes the three people who were sick were assessed at hospital and released.