Some students at Oromocto High School say they are on their phones 24/7 and only put them down to sleep.

Four of the 13 students who spoke with Information Morning Fredericton host Terry Seguin admitted to texting while driving.

'You find excuses to take your phone and text while you drive.' - Oromocto High School student

"I just don't like people to wait, because then the text comes over and over ... and when you're 15 minutes away before you can text back ... so you find excuses to take your phone and text while you drive," one student said with a laugh during the group discussion.

Grade 11 and 12 students in Dean Grattan's journalism and film production class said they put their phones down to sleep, and to attend class, however some admitted to texting during class.

Students said they don't feel they are addicted to their phones, although one young woman admitted her father refers to her phone as "an IV bag."

Listen to the full discussion with Terry Seguin and the Oromocto High School students by clicking on the media player.

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