An automobile repair shop in Oromocto was destroyed by fire early Tuesday morning.

The Oromocto Fire Department was called to the fire scene at Warren Developments Incorporated on Onondaga Street at 4:17 a.m.


Chief Jody Price said the garage contained flammable liquids, tires and other combustible materials. (CBC)

The fire department said the garage is a "total loss."

John Warren ran his car repair business on Onandaga Street for the past 14 years.

Including himself and his wife, five people worked there.

"It's a big loss for everybody, you know. Got no other alternative right now, no other place to go to start up a business or anything," he said. "We're just kind of dumbfounded right now, we just don't know what we're going to do."

Richard Cummings, the town’s deputy fire chief, said there was heavy fire when crews arrived.

"We had to go defensive operations. We couldn’t put anybody inside initially, basically hoses from the outside," he said.

"We just had too much fire on the inside and not sure what — between compressed gas cylinders things like that — there was just too much hazard to send people in initially."

total loss

The fire department said the Warren Developments garage is a "total loss." (CBC)

Chief Jody Price said the garage contained flammable liquids, tires and other combustible materials. 

"That made it a very difficult fire to fight," said Price. "It took us about two hours to get it knocked down and it took us another almost four hours to get it completely under control."

There were 25 firefighters involved in fighting the blaze. Two engines, a ladder truck and rescue truck were dispatched to the scene.

He said there was some damage to cars outside of the building. However, Cummings said there were no cars inside the building when the fire started.

Warren says he has insurance but he doesn't know if it's enough to replace what he lost, or to let him get back in business.

Oromocto Fire Department is investigating the cause of the fire.