Coun. Donna Reardon says maintaining independent commissions with a common board seems to have the most promise. (Twitter)

Saint John council will be asked to create a single board of directors to oversee both the parking and transit commissions.

But Coun. David Merrithew says the proposal doesn't go far enough.

He had previously suggested the two commissions, which are both associated with commuting, be merged as a way to save money.

"I thought one could help the other in that regard — financially," said Merrithew, noting city parking generates a surplus, while transit requires an annual subsidy.

But Coun. Donna Reardon, who chairs both boards, contends amalgamation would be difficult.

Each commission was created by different provincial legislation and those acts would both have to be changed, she said.

In addition, different unions are involved, said Reardon.

She believes the city can get the same benefits of amalgamation by simply creating one board of directors to oversee both commissions.

"A unified board has the benefit of allowing for the co-ordination of the goals of both parking and transit and allowing for the development of common policies which benefit both commissions and the city," Reardon states in a written submission to council on Tuesday, requesting the opportunity to make a more detailed presentation on July 29.

"The boards have been meeting jointly for some period of time, which has resulted in the development of the Comex system, the enhancement of the park and ride system and other co-ordinated projects."