Official Languages Act consultation extended

The public consultation reviewing the Official Languages Act has been extended until Sept. 30.

The public consultation reviewing the Official Languages Act has been extended until Sept. 30.

The Legislative Assembly is asking people to answer a short online survey. The select committee looking at the act will continue to meet with New Brunswickers to get feedback.

The committee will then make recommendations to the government.

The act was last revised in 2002 and included a mandatory clause that it be reviewed again in a decade.

The four questions are:

  1. The Official Languages Act provides for the delivery of services in both official languages by government institutions. It establishes the criteria for areas to which the act applies, such as policing services, health services, and municipalities. In your opinion, what services should be specified in the Official Languages Act?
  2. The Official Languages Act does not provide for any mechanism to ensure that the obligations of the government with regard to official languages are carried out. In your opinion, how can we ensure compliance with the Official Languages Act?
  3. The Official Languages Act specifies that the role of the Commissioner of Official Languages is to investigate, report on, and make recommendations with regard to compliance with the act and to promote the advancement of both official languages. In your opinion, how does the Commissioner of Official Languages, in performing his duties, contribute to ensuring compliance with the Official Languages Act?
  4. The status of New Brunswick as an officially bilingual province is enshrined in the Canadian Constitution. In your opinion, how can New Brunswickers be better informed about this?