A Fredericton golf course has some repair work to do after joyriders in off-road vehicles damaged greens this weekend.

Chris Billings, the course’s golf director, said players and maintenance staff spotted all-terrain vehicle and motorbike damage Saturday, especially on the 11th hole.

"Significant damage to the greens, where they did kind of donuts and what have you going around in circles. They took some chunks of turf up. The bunkers — they went around the bunkers fairly extensively and we have filter fabric that's in the bunkers to help with drainage … not all of it, but a significant amount of it," said Billings.

"And in the fairways as well. So, they were doing jumps and what have you and going around the green and it looked like they spent some time there on that specific hole."

Billings said the course has insurance, but the deductible is fairly high, so the course will have to absorb the cost of repairs.

He said the club may have to lower green fees until the course is in better shape.