A citizens group in Fredericton is celebrating an at least temporary reprieve from the proposed expansion of the disc golf course in Odell Park.

Friends of Odell Park treasurer, David Palmer, told CBC's Information Morning Fredericton plans to add another nine holes are on hold as the city develops a management plan.

Palmer says the old growth trees in the park need protection from unregulated activities.

"As it stands right now, if there is an activity, or if there's a group that has a particular activity that they want to pursue in any one of the parks, then there is no clear process for advancing that activity, or deciding whether it is appropriate for a certain park, or perhaps, you know, what is the most appropriate park for that activity to go ahead," he said on Tuesday.

Palmer says members of his group hope to make park use an election issue.

The Friends of Odell Park has been calling for a moratorium on the proposed disc golf expansion and more public consultation on the contentious issue.

Opponents began speaking out about the expansion last June when the city started cutting down trees to make way for the additional nine holes.

The city's forester has said some of the removed trees were previously damaged by post-tropical storm Arthur.