New Brunswickers have a new affordable car option that costs as little as $10,000.

Nissan's Micra rolled into the province earlier this month and most of them are already sold, said Gary Aguinaga, sales manager at Rallye Motors Nissan in Moncton.

Gary Aguinaga, sales manager at Rallye Motors Nissan in Moncton

Gary Aguinaga, sales manager at Rallye Motors Nissan in Moncton, says Nissan's new Micra is a hot seller. (CBC)

He said the compact cars are roomy, safe, fuel efficient and the lowest priced car on the market.

"You'll find the larger cars … have actually dropped in sales, where these types of cars are starting to pick up more sales, and people are going from the vans to smaller sport utilities. The market has changed," said Aguinaga.

"Especially the buyer that is looking at this particular car, obviously they are looking for something that is very easy to get around in, not cost them an awful lot of money, not only to purchase it, but to run it."

Moncton-area resident Sebestien Boudreau, who has a family of four,​ says the Micra is "perfect."

"Perfect for students, perfect for people who don't have to go too far to work, and it's economic, it's perfect," he said.

Carole Casey said she agrees.

"For under $10,000? That's in my budget," she said.

Bill Doherty, vintage car aficionado

Vintage car aficionado Bill Doherty says the Micra's price tag does not reflect the real cost. (CBC)

But Yvon LeBlanc, who drives a BMW, says he'd "be scared" to get behind the wheel of a Micra.

"The price is too low," he said.

Vintage car aficionado Bill Doherty isn't sold either. While the Micra's low price tag generates buzz, he said it does not reflect the true cost.

"As it is, a lot of people would not necessarily buy that vehicle because that one is probably a standard shift, no air conditioning, basic radio, roll the windows up and everything else and today people are looking a lot more for those conveniences," said Doherty.

There were no basic Micras for under $10,000 on the showroom floor at Rallye Motors Nissan on Monday, however. Aguinaga said that would be a special order.