8 Reasons You Might Like a Small Town from Gracen Johnson on Vimeo.

At a time in life when many people head for a big city to find a future, Gracen Johnson is doing the opposite.

The 24-year-old has moved from Toronto to Fredericton and was quick to make an impression in her new hometown.

Gracen Johnson

Gracen Johnson gives eight reasons why she loves living in Fredericton. (Courtesy Gracen Johnson)

Johnson posted a love letter to her new city in the form of a video 8 Reasons You May Like a Small Town on the Vimeo website. And while the number of views is not public, the video has generated many shares locally on Facebook and Twitter in the last two weeks.

Johnson said the response has been "overwhelming."

"You have to fight a lot harder to get kind of some recognition in bigger urban areas for the things you put out there, but the social media community here is so active and that's been great," said Johnson.

Johnson had visited Fredericton twice  — once when she was 10 and again when she was visiting her partner's family at Christmas. When her partner was offered a job and the choice of working in Toronto or in Fredericton, they opted for Fredericton.

"For me, I was looking at it as a really great opportunity to live somewhere that's a small enough community that I could do something with," said Johnson, who is trying to build a business based on urban farming.

"It's very quaint compared to a lot of places you'd go to in Ontario," said Johnson, who grew up in the suburbs of London, Ont., and went on to graduate from Guelph University and do post-graduate studies in urban planning at Cambridge University in England.

"It does have a very nice kind of small town feel, although it is definitely, safely within the urban realm," said Johnson. "There's no way you could pretend Fredericton isn't a city. It's definitely a city.

"It's really accessible. You feel like everyone is welcome at every event."