Moncton Museum

The opening of the Transportation Discovery Centre in Moncton has been delayed again. (Marc Genuist/CBC)

The opening of Moncton’s newest museum has been delayed again and the city is unable to say when the doors will finally be open at the Transportation Discovery Centre.

The opening has been delayed at least three times. The most recent estimate was supposed to be in early June, but that deadline has also been missed.

Isabelle LeBlanc, the city’s director of communications, said on Thursday she couldn't find the person in charge of the project in order to do an interview about the delays.

LeBlanc said the latest problem she's heard is that there was a problem sealing the three-storey high glass wall that makes up the front of the building.

The city also said contractors are addressing some final deficiencies, such as handrails. The gift shop is open, however.

The museum has also run into a number of budget problems.

In 2010, the museum was supposed to cost $7.6 million but that was increased to $10 million.

The city was also forced to add another $1 million because it forgot to budget for a parking lot and furniture.

While the costs go up, the opening of the museum continues to be pushed back.

The ongoing delays are starting to be noticed by Moncton residents.

Larry Landry owns a sports equipment store across the street.

He said he hopes the new museum opens soon because he's been watching the building go up for quite a while.

"Fast is not the right word. I mean how do we know what difficulties they're having," he said.

"Obviously they are and I'm sure if they could open it they would open it. Obviously, they're having construction problems."

The 1,170 square metre (12,593 square foot) centre will feature exhibition galleries, an interactive exhibit on all modes of transportation, an education centre, a gift shop, café, and an interior public plaza designed to preserve the 1916 sandstone façade of the former Moncton City Hall.

The transportation museum has been in the works for more than a decade.