People who commute between the New Brunswick town of Quispamsis and nearby Saint John are being encouraged to leave their vehicles at home and take the bus.

A new bus service called Comex, or Community Express, starts next month. It will make the 24-kilometre run between the two communities six times a day.

Saint John Transit general manager Frank McCarey said the bus will run through areas that aren't already on a bus route.

"Currently, the service that's offered in that area does not cover the old Gondola Point section of Quispamsis and this service will go through that area," he said.

"Off the Vincent Road, on both sides, there is a considerable amount of households, so we believe that it will have the capacity of moving up to about 200 passengers — 200 rides a day."

McCarey said cutting down on the number of cars travelling the highway will also help the province save money on highway construction and maintenance.

"All of these initiatives have to do with restraining the need for increased highway infrastructure in support of automobiles," he said.

Quispamsis Mayor Murray Driscoll said the Community Express system gives residents a reason to leave their cars at home.

"This is very convenient and the economics of it are very good. If I'm going to drive to town in my car, then I've got to park my car all day … The bus makes good sense," he said.

McCarey said the town of Quispamsis will cover the cost of the bus service, which is estimated to be between $50,000 and $60,000 per year.

The service starts Aug. 3.