New Brunswickers will have to bundle up in January as temperatures look like they are going to start dropping to below normal levels, according to CBC meteorologist Peter Coade.

"We are starting the new year with much colder than normal temperatures and a monthly forecast for January recently issued by Environment Canada indicates better than a 50-50 chance of a colder than normal month," Coade said.

Coade said the expected colder weather comes after the warmest December since records began in much of the eastern half of the country.

"We had a cold front, or a colder air mass, move into the Maritimes in the past 24 hours, so although today's temperatures won't be all that cold, we will have much colder air drawn into the area with a north wind predominating for the next couple days," he said

But a ridge of high pressure will extend from a centre well to the west, and this will make for mainly clear nights and mostly sunny days for much of the week.

"However, today and possibly into tomorrow, that north wind could produce some scattered flurries in some communities of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island where it blows in off the Bay of Fundy, Northumberland Strait or the Gulf," said Coade.

Monday's forecast

For the Fredericton area, expect a mainly cloudy day with a chance of flurries and wind out of the north at 20 kilometres per hour. The temperatures will fall to about –12 C in the afternoon and with the wind chill, it will feel like –18.

It will become mainly clear in the evening and remain cold. The low temperature could fall to –20 C.

For northern New Brunswick, Monday will be cloudy and cold with flurries or periods of light snow ending in the morning, then becoming mostly sunny.

The winds will be out of the west to northwest at about 30 km/h with of about –16 C and –12 C in the east. The wind chill could make it feel like it is –21 in some parts of the north.

On Monday night, it will be about –20 C in parts of northern New Brunswick but –14 C along the coast.

In southern New Brunswick, Monday will be cloudy with scattered flurries and temperatures fall to near –10 C. When the wind is factored in, it will feel like it is –16.

Skies will clear Monday evening in the west, while it will be cloudy with scattered flurries in the east. It will be roughly –20 C on Monday night.