Signs defaced with gender-related graffiti, candidate says

Liberal Rothesay candidate Stephanie Tomilson says she's concerned about her campaign signs being sabotaged with hateful slurs targeting women.

Liberal Rothesay candidate Stephanie Tomilson says signs destroyed by hateful slurs targeting women

A female candidate in the upcoming provincial election says her campaigns signs have been defaced with graffiti targeting her gender.

Rothesay Liberal candidate Stephanie Tomilson says the words scrawled on her campaign signs were "definitely directed at women. " (Facebook)
Stephanie Tomilson, the Liberal candidate in Rothesay, says she expected some of her signs to be vandalized, but not with such vicious, hateful slurs.

"The words were quite inflammatory," she said, describing them as shockingly derogatory to women.

"The words were something that couldn't stay up.

"If it was something like someone drew something on your face, that’s something that you can get around, but this was to the point where that the town had actually started taking them down before we got there."

Tomilson says she's disappointed by what has happened to her signs, but she's trying to stay optimistic in her campaign.

Shannon Merrifield, the Liberal candidate running in Kings Centre, says her signs were also sabotaged.

But she says she believes it was herself, her party and politicians in general being attacked.

"I think it's a mixture between all three. Specifically, I think's probably towards the party because there are other signs up in the area that have not been destroyed, but mine have," said Merrifield.

Meredith Brewer, of the Green Party, says to her knowledge, none of the party's candidates have had any signs destroyed.

But the party takes down their large billboards in downtown Fredericton nightly to avoid potential defacing.

"I wouldn't do it if it was a different location, but it's a high-traffic area, right, for the bars that are getting out late at night," said Brewer.

"There's the possibility somebody would have some fun with it," she said.