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Carleton-Victoria riding map

Carleton-Victoria riding map

Carleton-Victoria is rural riding that is in western New Brunswick. The riding includes portions of different 81 municipalities, local service districts and First Nations. The largest communities in the riding include Plaster Rock, Perth-Andover, Florenceville-Bristol, Centreville, Bath and Aroostook.

Agriculture and forestry are significant economic drivers in most communities in the riding. In particular, the region is known for its dominance in the potato industry. Florenceville-Bristol is known as the French Fry Capital of the World and is the hometown of McCain Foods Ltd.

Mother tongue of riding residents

Mother tongue of riding residents (Statistics Canada)

Mother tongue

Source: Statistics Canada

Distribution of the electorate

Source: Statistics Canada

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This demographic information is from Statistics Canada's 2011 census. The New Brunswick provincial average for mother tongue is 34 per cent French, 63 per cent English, and three per cent other.  On average, the New Brunswick electorate is distributed in four different kinds of areas.  Thirty-six per cent live in a city, 32 per cent in a non-municipality, 30 per cent in a municipality, and two per cent in a rural area.

Political history

Carleton-Victoria is a new riding that includes portions of the former ridings of Carleton and Victoria-Tobique.

The two ridings both voted for Progressive Conservatives in the 2010 election. However, the ridings had previous split between the Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives.

Distribution of the electorate

Distribution of the electorate (Statisitics Canada)

Progressive Conservative Wes McLean defeated long-time Liberal Larry Kennedy in 2010 in the former riding of Victoria-Tobique. Kennedy had served from 1987 to 2010. McLean announced that he would not seek re-election in 2014. McLean was charged with impaired driving in February 2013 and pleaded guilty in May 2013.

Progressive Conservative Dale Graham was first elected in 1993 in a byelection in the former riding of Carleton North. He has been re-elected in each election since 1993 and has served in various cabinet positions. He also served as Speaker of the Legislative Assembly from 2010 to 2014. Graham announced that he would not run again in 2014.

2010 Provincial election results


Party Candidate Total Votes
Liberal Larry Kennedy 2,040
Progressive Conservative Wes McLean 2,687
NDP O. David Burns 97
Green Party Wayne Sabine 120
Independent Carter Edgar 140


Party Candidate Total Votes
Liberal Peter Cook 1,709
Progressive Conservative Dale Graham 3,885
NDP Jacob Elsinga 316
Green Party Tegan Wong-Daughtery 380

2014 Candidates

Party Candidate
Liberal Andrew Harvey
Progressive Conservative Colin Lockhart
NDP Joe Gee
Green Party Garth Farquhar
Carter Edgar Independent
Terrence (Terry) ritchie Independent