New Brunswick unemployment rate back to double-digits

New Brunswick lost 3,400 jobs in July, instead of 3,100, according to corrected figures from Statistics Canada, taking the unemployment rate up to 10 per cent, instead of down to 9.8 per cent.

Corrected figures from Statistics Canada show rate up four tenths of a point to 10%

New Brunswick's unemployment rate rose by four tenths of a point in July to 10 per cent, according to newly released figures from Statistics Canada.

That is a higher rate than initially reported.

The federal agency said there was an error in the Labour Force Survey released Aug. 8. 

New Brunswick was first said to have lost the equivalent of 3,100 jobs in July, putting the unemployment rate at 9.8 per cent.

It actually lost the equivalent of 3,400 jobs, according to the corrected Statistics Canada report, released Friday morning.

While 4,300 full-time jobs were lost, 900 part-time jobs were gained. But overall the labour force shrank by 2,200 people.

Nationally, the unemployment rate declined by a tenth of a point to seven per cent, due to an increase in overall employment of 42,000 jobs.