As New Brunswick students head back to class, paramedics parked their ambulances outside of schools across the province, with lights flashing, in an effort to remind drivers to slow down.

Ambulance N.B.

Paramedics at Ambulance New Brunswick were parked outside many schools Tuesday morning with lights flashing in an effort to remind drivers to slow down. (Ambulance N.B.)

Jean-Marc Dugas, manager of safety programs for Ambulance New Brunswick, says the first day of school is the perfect opportunity to get the attention of drivers.

"We thought it would be a great idea to put a little bit of visibility on the first day of school to remind people that there's a whole bunch of little people now on the streets in the morning," Dugas said. 

"And also to remind the kids and the parents, especially the ones that walk their kids to school, to pay extra attention and have safety in mind when going to school in the morning."

Tuesday morning Dugas was parked at Hillcrest School in Moncton, because drivers often speed past the elementary and middle school on St. George Boulevard.

"Hillcrest School is one of those schoolsthere's a lot of traffic there, so it allows us to have high visibility not only for the people that go there but also for other folks that travel up and down on St. George Boulevard."      

Educators and students happy to be back

​Hillcrest principal and teacher Peter Trainor says the first day is always exciting and this will be his 32nd first day as a teacher.

Peter Trainor

Hillcrest School Principal Peter Trainor is looking forward to his final year as an educator. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC)

"This is my last year teaching," Trainor said. "As I was walking in, I realized that this will be the last first day and it was sad because they usually are a lot of fun, the kids are all cranked up, so it is a fun day for kids and staff."

At Moncton High School, students are back in the old building, after the opening of the new Moncton High School was delayed because of construction problems.

Student council members Travis Flynn and Hakseong Kim say they are pleased to be back in the old school for one more year.

MHS students

Grade 11 student Travis Flynn and grade 12 student Hakseong Kim are pleased to be back at the old Moncton High School for one more semester. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC)

"I'm so excited to introduce these kids to this building and these kids are absolutely lucky to be able to experience the old traditions and culture of the old MHS," said Kim who is in grade 12.

Flynn says the first day of school is always an adjustment.

"It's weird to be back after the summer, you're all fuzzy in the head so once you get in there and think, 'I have to start homework.'"