New Brunswick has slipped to the bottom of the list of median household income of all provinces and territories, down from second-lowest in 2005.

Statistics Canada's latest release of 2016 census data provides details about income levels across Canada, where the national household median sat at $70,336 in 2015.

In New Brunswick, the median was $59,347.

This number is up, however, from New Brunswick's median income of $53,483 in 2005.

The second-lowest ranked province or territory was Quebec, at $59,822.

New Brunswick was also tied with Nova Scotia for the highest rate of children living in low-income households, at 22.2 per cent.

Saint John had the second-highest rate of children living in low-income households of all metropolitan areas in Canada, at 23.1 per cent. The highest was Windsor, Ont., at 24 per cent. The national average is 17 per cent.

While the Atlantic provinces and Canada showed lower medians than the rest of Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador went from the lowest median income in the region in 2005, at $52,204, to the highest in 2015, at $62,272.

The release notes that "among metropolitan areas in the rest of Atlantic Canada, only the median income in Miramichi, N.B., grew at a faster pace than the slowest-growing Newfoundland and Labrador metropolitan area."

Miramichi was also the only metropolitan area to grow faster than the national rate of median income.