The MacIntyres

Five members of the McIntyre family were sent to hospital Thursday night because carbon monoxide from a generator seeped into the home. (CBC)

A New Brunswick family had a close call Thursday night when deadly carbon monoxide from a portable generator seeped into their home, sending five people to hospital.

The McIntyres, who live in Elm Hill near Gagetown, had been without electricity for six days and were using the generator to power their home.

But the generator was too close to the house and carbon monoxide, known as the "silent killer," was finding its way inside.

"My granddaughter was twitching and almost convulsing in her sleep," Tammy McIntyre said. "She'd wake up crying and screaming and tense right up and then fall asleep again."

McIntyre said the children first began to complain of headaches before things got worse. One family member came out of the bedroom and passed out, falling onto the floor.

McIntyre said she called 911, but doesn’t remember how she made it to hospital.

All of the McIntyres have been released from the hospital without any lasting injuries. Their generator has been moved to a safe distance away.

Fredericton Fire Department Capt. Mike McKinley says the McIntyre's experience should be a warning to others, especially as some in the province are going into a seventh day without power.

“Our advice is if you are going to use any equipment such as a generator, make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector," he said.