Sarah Jones has made a new painting every day for the past 100 days. (CBC)

An artist from Saint John says she has become better at her craft since accomplishing her goal to paint 100 paintings in 100 days.

Sarah Jones said she started the project in mid-January as a way to pass the winter, but the outcome has surpassed her expectations.

Jones sold all 100 of her paintings that mostly depict locations around the city, such as Courtney Bay and Waterloo Village.

She said working on the daily creations made her more disciplined.

"I used to play piano when I was a kid, and it’s almost like practising the piano daily. So after four months, boy, you’re getting good at a particular piece," she said.

"The pieces I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks I’ve been really, really happy with. And I think it’s just been that daily slog of working through an idea and working through a concept … It’s been a really good artistic exercise."

Jones said the project is proof of what she always tells visitors to the city who are skeptical about its arts and culture scene.

"Look at something like this, people have grabbed onto it," said Jones. "If Saint Johners see an artist doing something or if they see something interesting happening culturally they really do gravitate to it."

Many of the people who bought her six-by-six inch canvas paintings, each priced at $100, have never purchased art before, she said.

Interest also spread across the country, with some of her buyers coming from British Columbia and Saskatchewan, she said.

Jones, who hosted a party at her Saint John studio on Wednesday to celebrate the completion of her project, encourages other artists to market their work in this manner.

It helped her connect to the community and set better deadlines, she said.

"I’m self-employed so I don’t have anyone setting deadlines on me, so I have to do that myself," said Jones. "It seems it would be counter-intuitive to the artistic process, but it actually is really good. It’s necessary."