The Department of Social Development took out this ad in the provincial newspaper this week. (CBC)

The New Brunswick Department of Social Development has started advertising children who are up for adoption.

Earlier this week, the department issued an ad in the provincial newspaper looking for a home for two teenaged siblings who both have "delays in a number of cognitive skills."

Child care worker Joan Pye, who put the ad together, says the fear is when the siblings, aged 13 and 15, turn 19, they will "age out" of the foster care system and be left on their own.

The department needs to do everything it can to find homes for children, she said.

It can be especially difficult to find homes for teens, said Pye.

"We have nobody at this time who is looking at children 12 and over. Everybody would like under 12, and preferably under eight," she said.

"And we have children that are waiting for an adoptive home and our goal is to find homes for children."

181 youth waiting for 'forever homes'

The ad states the department is "looking for a couple or individual who can provide a family, in a safe, stable environment, to two teenage siblings who experience delays in a number of cognitive skills."

The teens, who are described as "hardworking, non-aggressive and good with younger children" "need a permanent family willing to parent beyond the age of 19 and provide structure, guidance, supervision and a fun, loving home," the ad states.

There are 181 youth across the province waiting for "forever homes." Of those, 63 are over the age of 12, said Pye.

"I'm hoping as well, not only for these two children, that through the ad we might be able to develop a pool of people who would consider older children," she said.

Suzanne Kingston, the executive director of the New Brunswick  Adoption Foundation, says advertising is an effective way to find youth a permanent home.

"We can't just take family away. We have to give them a family. So finding every way to do that is critical," she said.