Toronto climate summit protest sign

A demonstrator holds a handmade sign outside the climate summit on Wednesday morning. (Michael Charles Cole/CBC)

New Brunswick was the only province not represented at the Climate Summit of the Americas this week in Toronto.

The summit brought together jurisdictions from across North America, Latin America, Mexico and Brazil, as well as non-governmental groups.

Libby Ferguson attended the summit as states and regions director of The Climate Group.

She says the main achievement was a commitment by 20 governments to set emission reduction targets and report on progress every year.
"This was really a commitment by all of these governments to support some major initiatives around carbon pricing, around increased public reporting, and most importantly by taking actions within their jurisdictions in key sectors," she said.

Environment minister Brian Kenny was not available for an interview, but issued a statement to CBC News.

He said the Department of Environment and Local Government has been following the summit closely and will follow-up on any outcomes.

Kenny says provincial officials have been at meetings discussing climate change in Quebec and Winnipeg in recent months.

He also says the premier will discuss the issue further next week at the Council of the Federation meeting in Newfoundland, and next month at the New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers meeting.

Kenny says the Gallant government is committed to strengthening the climate change action plan, but it's still trying to determine the best way to do that.