This year St. George, N.B.,  is making sure anyone who drives its streets remembers those who fought for them.

The town’s main street is adorned with new banners that include photos of the men and woman who served in both world wars and the Korean War.

“We all sat down, had a meeting on it and decided it was a good idea and said ‘let's go for it,’” said Jim Hanley, president of the local Royal Canadian Legion.

Each of the banners cost $200 to make and hang, paid for by family members.

Marilyn Richardson’s husband Reginald died two years ago, but she's sure he would be happy with how the streets are decorated.

“He would love it. He would think it was nice,” said Richardson.

For veterans like Rufus Goss, who enlisted in 1943 on his seventeenth birthday, they're a big hit.

“I look at those banners and the pictures there bring back memories of them that I knew, so yeah, that's a good thing,” he said.  

The legion said it's been getting calls from other towns from as far away as British Columbia wondering about the banners.

They said they think the idea will catch on Canada-wide next year.