For the second time since his release from prison, a community is petitioning for convicted child sex offender Terrence Leger to leave.

Leger moved from Collina outside Sussex to the Penobsquis area.

Anne Northrup shares a mailbox with her new neighbour. She says Terrence Leger recently moved just down the road. 

Northrup, who has three children, says no one warned her of her new neighbour.

“I was upset. I was worried for my kids’ safety. And it bothers me that somebody like that can be in a neighbourhood where there are so many kids,” she said.

Northup is one of more than 500 people who are petitioning against Leger's move to the Penobsquis area. Until last week, Leger was living in Collina 20 kilometres away. 
“I don't feel safe letting my kids outside,” she said. “We have a pool and a trampoline... I won't let them out there unless I'm out there with them.”
There are campgrounds within walking distance of Leger’s new residence. Their owners told the CBC people are cancelling reservations with the news of his arrival.  

But police say Leger is doing nothing wrong. 

“He's currently met all his obligations and is compliant of all the obligations that are upon him,” said Sgt. Dale Morgan of the RCMP. 

Leger is not allowed to live near schools, playgrounds or daycares. 

Neighbour Tony Ninehouse said that isn’t good enough.

“Until he gets in trouble again or gets charged for more convictions or whatever, he's free to go,” he said.

CBC called and visited Leger's home but couldn't get a hold of him for comment.