More than 1,500 New Brunswick Community College students volunteered their time in communities across the province on Wednesday.

In Moncton, 15 students knocked on Nadine Lipton's door.

She runs Blankets for Moncton, a community group that relies completely on volunteers.

"They're helping to sort and organize the donations that have come in over the last couple of months that we haven't been able to stay on top of with our limited time," Lipton said.

Lipton's basement is packed full of blankets, clothes and housewares that she gives to people living on the streets, or people starting over.

Blankets for Mocnton

STudents from NBCC help organize donations for people in need. Blankets for Moncton estimates there's enough stuff to get 30 families on their feet.

"They are leaving domestic violence, or they are leaving the streets and starting fresh, or they're leaving an institution, either hospital or jail."

"We thought we were going to fold towels all day, so we were in for a big surprise." - Mickayla Christie, NBCC student volunteer

Lipton volunteers her time and space to the project and appreciates the help. 

Licensed practical nursing student Mickayla Christie says even though she's not in the classroom, volunteering has been an eye-opening experience.

"This is huge, we weren't expecting this," Christie said.

"It's incredible to see how much work went into it. When we first started … we thought we were going to fold towels all day, so we were in for a big surprise."

Pharmacy technician student Hilary Taylor says this kind of experience is beneficial to her future career.

"I think it gives a good perspective on different kinds of people that might come into the pharmacy that you might see." 

Students in Saint John, Fredericton, Miramichi, Woodstock and St. Andrews also volunteered time in their communities.