The week will end on a sunny and mild note with lots of sunshine and temperatures around the melting point on Thursday and Friday, says CBC meteorologist Peter Coade.

"Sunshine is in abundance all along the Atlantic seaboard from the Maritimes to Florida," Coade said.

"This is very good news for communities of the mid-Atlantic states that received so much rain in the past couple weeks."

Coade says the mostly west to southwest airflow is preventing the cold arctic air from moving in and will continue into the weekend.

"However, this can't go on forever. Another disturbance will be developing in the American southwest down Texas way and slowly make it's way northeast to be over the Great Lakes Basin by Saturday morning," he said.

Coade says that system will bring precipitation to the Maritimes, but likely not until overnight Sunday into Monday.

"At this time it looks more like a rain event with milder temperatures than any snow," he said.

New Brunswick forecast

Northern New Brunswick

Thursday: It will be mostly cloudy with a high near –2 C.

Thursday night: Northern communities can expect partly cloudy skies with a low of –14 C.

Friday: It will be another mostly sunny day to end the work week with a high of –4 C.

Fredericton and area

Thursday: The Fredericton area can expect a mix of sun and cloud with a high of 0 C.

Thursday night: It will be partly cloudy with a low of –14 C on Thursday night.

Friday: Another mostly sunny is on the way for the Fredericton region with a high of –2 C.

Southern New Brunswick

Thursday: It will be mostly sunny with a high of 0 C for communities in southern New Brunswick.

Thursday night: The region can expect partly cloudy skies with a low of –14 C, except along the Fundy coast where the low will be near –4 C.

Friday: It will be mostly sunny in southern communities with a high of 0 C on Friday.