New Brunswick had to give Ottawa a geography lesson β€” Twitter-style β€” after a federal agency mistakenly put the famous Hopewell Rocks, and possibly the entire Bay of Fundy, in Nova Scotia.

The "flower pot" rocks are one of New Brunswick's premier tourist destinations, and the official Tourism New Brunswick Twitter feed objected Wednesday when a Statistics Canada tweet put them in Nova Scotia.

StatsCan tweeted: "How do #oceans say hi? They wave. The Bay of Fundy, NS has the world's highest tide at 16.1m! #MotherOceanDay."


It was accompanied by a photo of the Hopewell Rocks, striking rock formations caused by erosion off Hopewell Cape, N.B.

Tourism New Brunswick offered a wry response: "We hate to be that province, but that there is Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick. The other side of the Bay of Fundy."

It linked to a page touting "the world's highest tides" in "New Brunswick's Bay of Fundy."

At, Nova Scotia Tourism encourages travel to the province's Burntcoat Head Park, "home of the world's highest recorded tides."

StatsCan appears to have since deleted the Hopewell Rocks photo but not the perhaps poorly punctuated tweet that suggests the Bay of Fundy, which bathes the shores of both provinces, is in Nova Scotia.