NB Liquor has launched an in-store fundraising initiative for the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Foundation.

Under the month-long partnership, announced Tuesday in Sussex, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of more than 40 brands will be donated to the foundation for conservation projects in the province.

Customers will also be invited by NB Liquor cashiers to make a donation to the foundation, a registered non-profit organization with the mandate to promote the conservation of New Brunswick rivers and streams.

"We are thrilled to receive this support from NB Liquor which will allow us to continue to protect our New Brunswick rivers in order to promote healthy living conditions for fish," Stephen Chase, executive director of the foundation said in a statement.

'Atlantic salmon is an important part of our heritage, our culture and our economy.' —Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup

The funds will be distributed to several community groups engaged in river conservation projects, he said.

Natural Resources Minister Bruce Northrup is pleased. "Atlantic salmon is an important part of our heritage, our culture and our economy," he said.

NB Liquor president and chief executive officer Daniel Allain said the Crown corporation is proud to partner with the foundation.

"New Brunswickers identify strongly with our rivers and streams," he said.

The initiative will run until Sept. 30.