NB Liquor's decision to spend $444,000 on creating a new logo and fresh look for its stores isn't sitting well with many customers at the new east Saint John store where it was first revealed last week.

The Crown corporation unveiled its new look on Friday when its new store at the East Point Shopping Centre in Saint John was officially opened.

Over the next seven years, all of its stores will feature the new logo featuring a simple font over a hops and grape leaf watermark.

Marc Crossman said he wasn't sure the price was worth it for the new logo and rebranding.


Fred White, a customer at NB Liquor's new Saint John store, said he was shocked at the cost of the corporation's new logo. (CBC)

"It's a nice look. But I can't say it's worth that much," he said.

Fred White said he likes the new logo, but was shocked at how much it cost.

"That's a lot of money though to spend on signs to change everything over," he said.

There were some customers, however, who thought the new logo worked well.

"It's nice, it fits with the decor of the store," said Cathy Truman.

NB Liquor appeared to be prepared for potential backlash over the cost of the new logo and rebranding.

In a handout provided at the store's launch, the corporation justifies the cost of the rebranding at a time the province is facing financial hardship.

The Crown corporation said it comes down to the old adage "you have to spend money to make money."

The $444,000 bill includes, according to NB Liquor, the branding conceptual work, interior and exterior signage, as well as internal fixtures and various equipment such as refrigeration units and shelving.


All NB Liquor outlets will be switching over to the new look by 2023. (CBC)

That's a sentiment shared by Paul Echols, who says he won't miss the old logo.

"Well, they get over a hundred million dollars a year profit. If they can't afford that, something's wrong," he said.

While the new logo does look far more modern, after exiting with a case of Budweiser under his arm, Nathan Hays proved it failed one of the most valuable parts of marketing.

"I never even noticed it honestly," he said, while looking back at it over his shoulder.

Mark Barbour, an NB Liquor spokesperson, said the new look should be displayed at all 44 corporate locations by 2023, though he was not able to provide a total cost projection at this time.


  • A previous version of this story reported that ANBL paid $444,000 for its new logo. In fact that is the amount the company spent in total to open the new store. ANBL has since clarified that it paid an architectural and interior design company $18,500 for its new logo and branding.
    Mar 08, 2016 6:03 PM AT