NB Liquor quietly launched a new plan last week to attract New Brunswick beer drinkers to buy local by lowering prices.

The six discounted brands cost $18.49 a dozen, a $5 savings over the regular price.

But the new deals are not being widely advertised.

Marcelle Saulnier of NB Liquor is hoping the beer bargains will travel by word of mouth.

"This is a pilot for us," Saulnier said.

"It's until September 30th and we are interested to look at the sales and determine if New Brunswickers were happy with the selection and promotion and price and take it from there."

The low-key approach contrasts with the last time NB Liquor attempted to sell discount beer.

In 2009, the corporation staged a flashy campaign, introducing its own brand, Selection.

Despite quite a bit of advertising, prime floor space and free tastings, the campaign was a commercial flop.

Aaron Lewis said he has tried the new discount beer.

"I got it because it was a little cheaper but also it doesn't sacrifice flavour - I really like it," Lewis said.

Lewis said he's already a convert since one of the brand's, James Ready, used to sell in the province years ago. 

With nearly 30,000 cases in stock, NB Liquor hopes other beer drinkers follow Lewis's example.

In January Daniel Allain, the president and chief executive officer of NB Liquor, said overall sales fell below expectations in the last quarter of 2011, blaming the decline on economic uncertainty.