The head of the New Brunswick Combat Sport Commission says an internal review found no wrongdoing or neglect in the May 27 boxing match that hospitalized David Whittom.

"At the end of the day, there was no gross misconduct done by any official," said Denis Léger, the commission's executive director.

"Our staff handled themselves in a professional manner and we did everything according to our regulations."

Léger said many aspects of that night have been re-examined, including whether Whittom was ready for the fight and whether the match was fair and properly officiated.

The commission concluded that Whittom, 38, should have been allowed to box that night and did get appropriate treatment in the ring and afterward. 

"If we're going to see any signs of a brain-bleed, it is going to be within that two hours after."

Fight went 10 rounds

Whittom's fight ended in the 10th match, when he lost a gruelling 10-round fight to Gary Kopas in the cruiserweight contest. 

It ended just after 10 p.m.

Denis Léger

Denis Léger, executive director of the New Brunswick Combat Sport Commission, says an internal review found staff did everything according to the regulations. (CBC)

"About 12:05 he came to collect his paycheque," said Léger.

"Everything was fine. He was with his team, his head coach Mr. Francois Duguay.

"They were with him until 12:30, midnight, when they dropped him off at his mother's house [where] he showed signs of symptoms of concussion and right away they did the right thing and sent him to the trauma centre, got him to a CT scan and therefore transported to  Saint John."

The boxing event was promoted by Brandon Brewer with L-Jack Promotions and the ringside physicians were listed as Dr. Scott Robertson and Dr. Lisa Chapman.

'Baby steps'

Léger said Whittom has since been transferred to the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital in Fredericton where he remains in care.

David Whittom

Whittom, a native of Saint-Quentin in New Brunswick, started boxing when he was a teenager. (David Whittom/Facebook)

Léger described Whittom's recovery as "baby steps" but declined to provide any more details.

"This is a matter where the family had requested privacy," he said. "I'm not a spokesperson for the family."

The commission answers to the provincial Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture and Léger said the province is satisfied with the commission's review and the outcome.