New Brunswick dancer shares the stage with JLo

Janick Arseneau went to Los Angeles to further her dancing career, and landed the Vegas job less than a month after being there.

Bathurst dancer lands 3-year contract dancing alongside one of the world's biggest pop stars

Janick (far right,) dances alongside Jennifer Lopez on the AXIS theatre stage at Planet Hollywood. (Facebook)

After years of hard work, rehearsals and undoubtedly sore feet, a Bathurst woman is sharing the stage with Jennifer Lopez.

Janick Arseneau is in Las Vegas dancing in J Lo's All I Have show at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

"I can't even find the right words. I'm overwhelmed in a good way. I'm just embracing the moment."

The show began earlier this month. Arseneau recalls the opening night as a dream come true.

"It truly was like living my childhood dream. I start the show in the air and I come down in this aerial swing, so I'm above the lights, I'm at least 20 feet up in the air if not more.

"I'm up there trying to look glamorous and graceful but I can't hold back the tears. I look down at the VIP section  and I see Justin Bieber, Tyra Banks and everybody there, I'm like `What the hell?'"

Arseneau said the show begins with Lopez's hit, If You Had My Love.

As for rehearsals, they're more demanding than any show she's participated in before.

"Six days a week, nine hour days and the closer to show they were  12, 13 hour days."

"It's very demanding on the body. Shows are starting to run, we've got to keep up with Jen and keep our bodies in shape."

Arseneau graduated from École Secondaire Népisiguit in 2008. She went to Los Angeles to further her dancing career, and landed the Vegas contract less than a month after being there.

"I got this job which is a three-year job which is exactly what it I needed. I've been working so hard and putting so much into my dancing and my career," she said.

In between busy rehearsals and performances, Arseneau has been posting updates, photos and videos to her Facebook page for friends and family here in New Brunswick.

"I appreciate the likes and comments and messages I'm getting back. I really do feel the love and it really warms my heart."