A representative of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) says that striking workers at Fredericton International Airport, who have been without a contract for three years, suffer workplace bullying.

The 25 members of Local 60601 of the Canadian Transportation Employees Union, responsible for the general upkeep of the Fredericton International Airport building, have been on the picket line since mid-February with little progress.

The workers are responsible for emergency services, runways and maintenance.


Fredericton International Airport maintenance and emergency crew workers have been on strike since mid-February. (CBC)

During the strike, six managerial employees have taken over maintenance duties.

Jeannie Baldwin, a vice-president with PSAC, said that the employees have been without a contract for three years.

She said that the union wants a contract similar to what is being offered at other airports in the Maritimes. She added that she wants poor working conditions at the airport addressed.

"The workplace is still poison; there's bullying still going on. What we're saying is any form or any type of bullying in the workplace or harassment is unacceptable," Baldwin said.

"We're asking for this employer to recognize that and ensure that the workers are treated with respect, which they are not at this moment."

Airport spokesman John Hamilton said that the airport hired an outside consultant to look at working relations at the airport and that all of the recommendations were implemented.

He also said that the airport is offering the workers a fair deal. "[It's] actually slightly more generous than what's happened in Moncton and about the same as Saint John.".

Baldwin disagreed, saying the offer was nowhere near what is offered at other airports. "The one in Saint John, the one in Moncton, the one in the one in Halifax ... we never had no issues there."

Hamilton said that there has been little progress since 2009. "It's gotten very difficult. It's been going on for about three years."

Fifteen of the 25 unionized workers are deemed essential under their contract, meaning they have to work in the case of a major problem such as a snowstorm.

Both sides said they want to talk, but no talks are scheduled and neither passengers nor flights are affected by this strike.