The National Research Council is cutting 10 jobs in Fredericton. (NRC)

The federal government is cutting 10 jobs at the National Research Council in Fredericton as the agency sheds jobs across the country.

The federal government is eliminating 94 jobs across Canada, which represents more than half of the local research staff.

Charles Drouin, a spokesperson for the agency, said eight people who work in information and communication technology and two people in the business group will be cut.

Drouin said the private sector is now developing and marketing technology that's been the focus of the NRC's Internet Logic Program, for example. So, he said, public sector involvement is not needed in that area.

"When we looked at these different programs across Canada, this internet logic program, for example, we noticed that the technology was now being developed or deployed by the private sector." he said.

"So as a result, we decided that the need for public funding, public investment had diminished and that we didn't want to pursue this because it may be perceived as competing with the private sector."

The council is refocusing its research to support a number of other high-potential programs in line with the priorities of Canadian industry, he said.

Drouin said the council's human resources department is working with the employees who have had their positions eliminated.

He said the NRC currently has some open job competitions.

And the council will maintain what he calls an effective presence in New Brunswick.