The National Post newspaper will soon only be available in provincial capitals in Atlantic Canada, and then only at newstands.

The Post, one of two national newspapers, plans to only offer papers to New Brunswick news junkies in Fredericton beginning April 1. The paper will still be available online.

John Devona runs seven coffee and news outlets in the Maritimes, including Reid's Newstand. He says the Globe and Mail outsells the Post by a three-to-one margin at his newstands.

But Devona says loyal Post readers are upset by the change. "We've had customers who are concerned they won't be able to get it. They can't understand primarily why it's only going to be available in the capital city when the capital is not necessarily the largest city."

Devona says he's been told it costs too much to distribute the paper regionally when costs and circulation numbers are factored in. He says the paper wants to continue being available to the country's decision-makers.

"It's understandable why the National Post would make that decision. It's probably more political than anything. I don't think they're too concerned about the sales rather than having access to the politicians."

The Post has sent letters to subscribers notifying them of the decision.