New Brunswick Public Safety Minister John Foran says he is not prepared to ban the use of Tasers by the province's police.

Foran saidhis departmentis looking at developing new guidelines for Taser use, but he sees no need for an immediate ban.

The RNC in Newfoundland and Labrador hashalted the use of Tasers following the death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski, whoreceived aTaser shock from RCMP officers at the Vancouver International Airport in October.

Eyewitness video of the Taser incident has triggered national debate and prompted the British Columbia government to order a public inquiry.

Federal Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day on Tuesday asked the chair of the RCMP complaints committee to head up a review of the force's Taser policy.

Foran said he hasn't seen the 10-minute video andthat his department's job is to protect the public and the police.

"They do a service for us and we have to give them the tools to do that job," Foran said. "The Taser is one of those tools."

Three of the police forces in New Brunswick, besides the RCMP, use Tasers.

Michael Boudreau, a criminologist at St. Thomas University, said he does not support a ban of Tasers but is calling on a moratorium on its use by police forces.

It would give police time to come up with strict guidelines about how and when Tasers should be used, Boudreau said.

"That way it would allow police to better understand the use of Tasers and better explain to the public as well why they're being used and why people feel that they're a necessary part of their arsenal," he said.

Foran said the policies on Taser use are generally consistent among NewBrunswick's police forces and the provincial guidelines will be ready soon.