Roseanna Mandy, originally from Moncton, is one of 12 Canadian Armed Forces soldiers or veterans climbing a peak in Nepal. (CBC)

A New Brunswick woman is part of a team of 12 Canadian soldiers and veterans leaving Friday for Nepal to climb a 20,000-foot peak in the Himalayas.

Roseanna Mandy, who is originally from Moncton, is attempting to climb Island Peak — a mountain near Everest —as part of an expedition that's designed to help soldiers who are recovering from injuries.

Mandy is making the climb after suffering a military training injury two and a half years ago. She broke her femur and her pelvis and spent many months in a wheelchair.

"I don't feel an incredible amount of pressure to get to the top," said Mandy.

"I want to, and it's a desire to me and to the rest of the soldier team, but just to be putting ourselves forward and going out there and engaging in an adventure of this nature, that's really something to be commended. Especially after injury, it's hard to trust yourself and have faith in your ability again when it's been challenged."

Mandy has two sons and a husband. She said that, after spending months in a wheelchair or using crutches, it's important that they understand she has healed.

"They worry more, they're vigilant, almost hyper-vigilant, so I don't even often carry the grocery bags into the house myself. So, I'm really hoping that, for them, it's an opportunity to see that I have made a recovery — a full recovery."

The expedition will be filmed for a documentary called March to the Top to be broadcast on CBC Television early next year.