The New Brunswick economy shed 1,900 jobs in June, pushing the province's unemployment rate to 9.6 per cent, Statistics Canada reported Friday.

The province's labour force dropped to 386,600 in June from 388,200 in May and the number of people working fell to 349,500 from 351,400. Full-time workers bore the brunt of the losses.

Statistics Canada reported 3,600 full-time jobs were lost in the month compared to an increase of 1,700 part-time jobs.

The province's unemployment rate has been hovering close to the 10-per-cent mark for months. The unemployment rate hit 10 per cent as recently as April  but dipped in the following months.

Erin McGrath-Gaudet, the acting director of provincial affairs for the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, posted on Twitter shortly after the statistics agency released the latest jobs figures that the numbers were not a surprise.

"We estimated 1,900-7,000 job losses from the recent [minimum] wage hike. Time to reconsider Sept 1 increase," McGrath-Gaudet wrote on Twitter.

The New Brunswick government will increase the province's minimum wage to $10 on Sept. 1, a move that many small businesses have said will hurt them financially.

Canada's unemployment rate held steady at 7.4 per cent in June.

National employment did rise for the third consecutive month in June as 28,000 jobs were created. The unemployment rate stayed the same however as more people joined the job market.

There were employment increases in the public and private sectors, but a reduction in the number of people self-employed.