New Brunswick Senator Pierrette Ringuette says becoming an Independent member of the Senate pleases her. (Senate of Canada)

A New Brunswick senator applauds the surprise move by Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau Wednesday to remove senators from Liberal caucus.

Pierrette Ringuette, who has been a Liberal senator for more than a decade, says it's the first step in bringing the Senate back to its original mandate.

"This brings back the distance that we need from the House of Commons in order to really have this independent, sober second look at legislation," she said.

Ringuette dismisses Conservative claims that Trudeau's decision was to distance the Liberal party from the auditor general's report into spending by senators.

She said she hopes Trudeau's example will be followed by the other party leaders.

"I know that quite a few Tory senators would like to have the same kind of independence from party politics and the Prime Minister's office. So maybe this will trigger change for them as well. I hope so."

Trudeau said former members of the Liberal Senate caucus will sit as Independents and are now free to make decisions on legislation on their own, without party considerations.