New Brunswick's first art gallery devoted to aboriginal art is set to open in Moncton.

The Klu'skap Gallery, owned by Métis artist Pascal Pelletier, will celebrate its grand opening Thursday night.

Pelletier, who grew up in Quebec, said that as a Métis, a painter and a carver, it took him a long time to accept his fate as an artist.

He moved to British Columbia to study northwest aboriginal art, and was stunned by the pride people had in their culture.

"From then on, I said I'm gonna work as hard as I can and then learn as much as I can to be able to come back on the East Coast and share that aspect of my culture that I'm so proud of which is art in general," Pelletier said.

After 12 years in British Columbia, a visit to Moncton convinced him to move to New Brunswick.

Pelletier said he was shocked that such an old province with such strong Acadian culture had nothing to offer as far as First Nations art.

"What I'm doing right now with the gallery is providing what I didn't receive when I was young," Pelletier said.

"I didn't have an example of a gallery or even an artist that I could see myself, recognize myself in, and my inspiration. So I decided that was something that someday I would love to do."

Pelletier plans to show native art from all over Canada in his new gallery. In November it will feature the work of Nova Scotia Mik'maq artist Alan Syliboy.