Green Party of New Brunswick Leader David Coon is running in Fredericton South in this fall's provincial election. (CBC)

Green party members from across the country are in Fredericton this weekend, where the federal party is holding its biennial convention.

A federal election is looming next year, but attention is also turning to this fall’s provincial election and the chances of Green Party of New Brunswick Leader David Coon.

"David Coon's chances of being the first elected Green MLA in New Brunswick are excellent," says Green Party of Canada Leader Elizabeth May.

Coon plans to run in Fredericton South. He says he’s been door-knocking in the riding since fall, and has met thousands of people.

But he faces an uphill climb. The incumbent in the riding is Energy Minister Craig Leonard and the New Democrats are running Kelly Lamrock, a former Liberal cabinet minister who switched parties in February.

Still, Coon said he thinks voters have had enough, and are ready for something new.

"To get away from the old ping-pong politics where the party that's not in government simply has to wait for their turn, rather than actually think," he said.

Coon said the Greens plan to run candidates in every riding. The party won 4.5 per cent of the vote in the last provincial election.