N.B. fails to act on AG's ideas on subsidies, immigration

The Alward government still hasn't implemented several key recommendations by the province's auditor general.

Auditor general's recommendations from 2009 annual report still haven't been implemented

New Brunswick's Liberal opposition leader is asking why the province hasn't implemented three-year-old recommendations by the auditor general.

This year's report by the auditor lists dozens of recommendations from previous years that haven't been put into effect.

Auditor General Kim MacPherson (CBC)
Five out of seven recommendations on government subsidies to industry — from setting clear targets to assessing the risks of giving money to certain recipients — have not been heeded.

The same goes for eight out of 20 recommendations on the provincial nominee program for immigrants.

Liberal leader Brian Gallant says on immigration, the ideas would do more than just save money.

"The recommendations the auditor general put forth would help not only the province but would help the potential immigrants as well, so it's a win-win for a lot of people," said Gallant.

"Anything that increases accountability in government is something that I support. I think the recommendations are very reasonable and should be implemented."

Auditor general Kim MacPherson's most recent report lists her suggestions that have still not been put in effect.

"Some of them are systemic problems that could result in savings to the government," said MacPherson.

Opposition Leader Brian Gallant says there is a need to implement the recommendations.

"We have to be able to measure the results and see if we're actually fulfilling the goals we have set for ourselves," said Gallant.

The government departments responsible for industry subsidies and for the immigration program did not respond to CBC's request that they explain why the three-year-old recommendations have not been implemented.

The auditor general can make recommendations but lacks the power to force government to do anything about them.