Gogii Games of Moncton is developing a video game for Archie Comics. (AP Photo/Archie Comics)

A Moncton video game developer is growing again after signing a deal with Archie Comics, the world’s largest mass-market comic book company.

Gogii Games is creating an interactive game that will include Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica.  

Company president and founder George Donovan said Thursday that it's been a great year for his company.

It previously launched a new mobile game called Attack of the Groupies, which features reality star and actress Shannon Tweed, who is married to Gene Simmons from the band Kiss.

Donovan said that one thing led to another.

"I was actually very lucky and fortunate that my relationship I have with Gene Simmons — he connected me with Jon [Goldwater], the co-CEO of the Archies  — and within a few weeks we put a deal together and we're off to the races," he said.

Donovan has added 1,700 square feet to his Moncton office and plans to hire at least 15 more employees. He now employs 34 people.

Mobile games are a huge market, he said, and the Archie game will include all of the most loved characters from Riverdale undertaking challenges and going on quests. It will be free to play and accessible to users in multiple languages and devices.

"As a company we have 17 titles launching this year — the Archies is just one of those. Obviously, it's going to be a really important one for us as we move forward. It's a very, very big brand," Donovan said.

Donovan hopes the success of his company is just the beginning of an even bigger video gaming industry for New Brunswick.