N.B. casino opens Tuesday

Casino New Brunswick, a $90-million gaming complex, opens Tuesday in Moncton.

Casino New Brunswick, a $90-million gaming complex, opens Tuesday in Moncton.

The complex includes a casino, hotel and convention centre. It is expected to attract thousands and employ hundreds.

"We're open 2 p.m. on Tuesday for the public," said casino manager Steve Hancock.

The casino will feature 500 slot machines, 22 table games and eight poker tables in private rooms.

The complex also includes a spa and a bar. The casino will employ 425 people.

More than 600,000 visitors are expected annually to the casino, said Hancock.

"We've had people contact us from northern parts of New Brunswick that are interested and actually people from Quebec and Ontario calling us asking when we're going to open," said Hancock.

Moncton mayor George LeBlanc said the city will benefit from around $600,000 in annual property taxes. But the city, he said, will benefit in other ways too.

"It's 400 families that will be employed here in Moncton. And a lot of them I understand will be moving to Moncton to take this employment," said LeBlanc.

"There will be lots of jobs for people here in Moncton. So from an economic standpoint, from an employment standpoint and prosperity standpoint it's very significant," he said.

The complex is just off Highway 2, the Trans-Canada Highway, at the Magnetic Hill exit.